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Meteorite Information Database

The all new MetBase holds the world's largest compilation of meteorite data published between 1492 and today. The new MetBase is built by scientists for scientists and is released exclusively online.

User Friendly Interface

With our revolutionary MetBase interface you can instantly access and display the data you search for. Download data in Excel or other common formats. A novel filter & select section allows for quick presentation of exactly the data you want to see.

Save in Gallery

Save your results and continue working and editing on these any time later using your personal gallery.And this is just the beginning. We are adding a series of new and exciting tools to work with data.


The database is constantly updated, improved and expanded in the background. But for you, the interface will always be familiar and simple to use as always. Brief video tutorials are the direct way to understand how our user friendly interface works.

Access from Everywhere

No more installations, nor more updates.  You will be able to explore the new MetBase with any device that has internet access and a browser.  You can subscribe to MetBase with an affordable, annual fee.

Always Up-to-date

The database is constantly updated, improved and expanded in the background.  Almost every time you return to MetBase, the database will have grown. .


In addition to all the data stored in MetBase, you will find basic cosmochemical information and introductions to the field.   This will help students, but also researchers who quickly want detailed information.

Image Library

More than 2000 images of about 1750 different meteorites are available from the image library.   These include images of Meteorite main masses, Field photos of hot and cold desert meteorites at its place of find, Type specimens Metallographically prepared (etched) iron meteorites, Thin sections in transmitting polarised light and more.

So Much More

For example, MetBase bibliography of meteoritics and planetary sciences is the most comprehensive compilation with presently more than 90,000 keyword- and object-indexed references to articles, abstracts, books, catalogues, and special publications on meteorites, lunar rocks, meteors, impact cratering, tektites, martian geology, asteroids, exobiology and origin of the solar system, published between 1492 and today.